Amicus Attorney ® is a comprehensive Case Management package that uniquely integrates, maintains, and manages all aspects of a law office.  

  • All cases
  • All contacts made by a firm,
  • All clients,
  • All meetings,
  • All phone calls made and received,
  • All calendar schedules and to-dos of everyone in the office
  • A calendar and to-do history of every case file, . . . and every contact
  • And all documents associated with a case are maintained and readily accessible.


This information is maintained and organized for quick and easy reference.   A key word here is organized.   With almost no input from the employees in your law office, each entry is placed and maintained in every single place or context it's appropriate for it to be.   Information is always at your fingertips.   Its placement is automatic and nearly effortless, and this is only the beginning of how Amicus Attorney® can help automate your office procedures.  

Steve Henes has been trained by Gavel & Gown and certified as a Silver Medal Partner on Amicus Attorney®   He has worked with hundreds of firms in Arizona to establish customized case management, billing and reporting solutions:   each installation unique to the needs of each office.   Steve Henes is the only consultant in the southwest United States to have been certified on the new version 5 of Amicus Attorney®.   He is expert in the most recent release of Amicus Attorney®, has worked with the link of Amicus Attorney® with Timeslips® 8, 9, 9.1, 10, 10.1, and 10.5 (on which he is also certified), and travels to keep abreast of all the new features and functions on each new Amicus Attorney® release or service release.
If you have any need to upgrade, setup, be trained on, or want to purchase a new or upgrade version of Amicus Attorney® - there is no better place to turn than Steve Henes Computer Support.
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