Software Training

Training — Using your software to effectively manage your information

The primary function of Steve Henes Computer Support is to help you setup your software so it does everything you want it to, to train you to understand how it works, to use it to capably with confidence, and to make your office independent of the need for outside help.

I work primarily with AbacusLaw, Timeslips, Amicus Attorney, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat. Each of these is a powerful and complex product that despite what the companies making these products would have you believe, is not simple to use effectively. There is no such thing as a robust, powerful, feature rich software package where you can just tear off the shrink wrap, install, and use effectively right out of the box -- and each of these packages is robust and powerful.

Steve Henes Computer Support works with you to determine your needs, and will help to make you aware of possibilities you didn't even know you could accomplish. We'll explore various approaches of accomplishing those needs, and review the ramifications of each approach. You will be involved in the choice of programs, their setup, and will feel very comfortable with each program and competent using it to accomplish your goals. You'll be able to accomplish your objectives, and skillfully accomplish any future needs as they crop up.

While Steve Henes Computer Support has worked primarily with firms in Arizona, since posting this web site I have gotten requests for support from all around the nation and even outside of the United States. It seems many firms around the country really need assistance in setting up their billing or case management software, but are unable to find competent assistance in their local community. To help firms in need of otherwise unavailable support, Steve Henes is willing to travel to your location at his normal rate plus travel expenses. I also provide online support using the Microsoft Remote Assistance utility.

Steve Henes Computer Support in Phoenix, Arizona has been certified to offer installation, customization, training, and troubleshooting support on several software packages designed for law offices. I will help you at your office, and offer online troubleshooting support via Microsoft Remote Assistance. To discuss your needs be sure to contact:

        Steve Henes Computer Support
Phone: (602) 957-4496